Lyla: Do you have something you want to say to me, Johnny?
John: Not right now, love.

Rene: Are you firing me?
Lance: Oh, there was a time when I would have loved to here me asking that, but no, I want to talk about Zoe.

Felicity: Guys, a little support here.
Oliver: You might be crossing the line, Felicity.
Felicity: Well, you're the last person in the world who could say that.

One casualty was enough for this girl's conscience.


Felicity: You murdered someone.
Alena: Accidentally and for a good cause.

Yeah, but no one has entered or exited since. We got the bastard.


Suit up? We don't have... oh, you meant figuratively because we don't have suits.


Seriously, you've been here like, what... ten minutes? You don't even have a code name!


Diggle: Anatoly?
Anatoly: John Diggle. My favorite American.

Diggle: It's just you and me now, Oliver. You don't have to talk to me. I just don't think you should be alone.
Oliver: I think I should. Why don't you just leave?

Oliver: The explanation is simple: Chase is right. All the people who are down here - around me. They either suffer, or they die.

I'm sorry Oliver. I can't take another day here.


Arrow Quotes

There are people in this world who deal only in extremes. It's naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.


Felicity: What's going on? Ray?
Ray: Oliver Queen is the Arrow.
Felicity: What?
Ray: I have a 140 IQ and three PhDs, but it's pretty hard to insult my intelligence, but I'm pretty sure you just did. It all makes sense now. Your, ah, sudden disappearances, your apprehension of helping me with my mission. You've been working with the Arrow this whole time.