Oliver: Hello? Hi...OK. I will be there. Mhm, alright.
Felicity: It didn't sound like John or the team.
Oliver: It wasn't.
Felicity: What's going on?
Oliver: That was Slade Wilson, he needs my help.

Black Siren: Excuse me?
Jenny: [breaths out]
Black Siren: Here you go.
Jenny: Thanks, I'm such a clutz!
Black Siren: Don't worry, me too. I love your shoes, they're so cute.
Jenny: Custom designed! Girls can rock limited-editions kicks too, right?
Black Siren: Absolutely. I'm Dinah by the way.

Felicity: I was just telling Oliver how I'm being stretched too thin.
Curtis: Wait, what do you mean by "just"?
Felicity: We were at dinner when I got your text.
Curtis: Felicity!
Felicity: No, it's the job, it's OK!
Curtis: No, no this is all on me, I 911'd you over one damn dead body. Can you at least make it back to dessert?
Felicity: Well no, we have to find evil Laurel.
Curtis: No, no I'll find evil Laurel, you go out there and take your ass back to your man!
Felicity: Are you sure?
Curtis: Are you kidding me? I was like you guys' biggest shipper.

Diggle: I knew you would be around here somewhere.
Black Siren: Well I couldn't stay away from you. Except you have changed something about yourself. I just can't quite put my finger on it.
Diggle: Then let me help you with that!
Black Siren: So it's a crossbow? That's cute.

Oliver: I know when I took William in, we agreed that we'd keep our distance because he was going to have a lot to process.
Felicity: He still has a lot to process!
Oliver: He does and every day there's a new challenge.
Felicity: I sense a but coming, there's a but coming right?
Oliver: But then I saw you with him and I became 100% sure that, if you want, his life will better with you in it. Just like mine.
Felicity: Are you sure that's what you want?
Oliver: I'm sure.

Agent Watson: Whoever your understudy is he might want to brush up on his archery. Or did you think we didn't notice that no arrows were used in taking down Faust?
Oliver: Are you done?
Agent Watson: I'm not.
Oliver: OK...

Oliver: Agent Watson, I do not believe you were on my schedule.
Agent Watson: I think you'll come to find, I don't really give a damn.

Oliver: My name is Oliver Queen. After five years of hell, I returned home with only one goal: to save my city. But I couldn't honor that commitment and honor the promise I made to the mother of my son. So I asked the best man that I know to help. His name is John Diggle and he is the Green Arrow!

Mister Terrific: If one of us spots Tarkov, we should have a signal.
Wild Dog: Yeah, I was going to go with something like "I see them!" or maybe even "Hey, over there!"
Mister Terrific: It's not terribly original, but effective. What if we spot the Bratva?
Wild Dog: How about "Heads up!"?

Diggle: What is it, Oliver?
Oliver: I'd like you to do something for me.
Diggle: If it's suit up as Green Arrow, Felicity and I already talked about it and we don't think it's enough to take the heat off you.
Oliver: That's not what I'm asking.
Diggle: You're serious.
Oliver: Every time that I'm out there as Green Arrow, I'm a target...of the FBI, of the Bratva. Of the threats that are out there and the threats that are undoubtedly coming...and on my own? I can take it. But I'm not on my own anymore.
I can't be responsible for my son losing the only parent that he has left.
Diggle: Oliver...
Oliver: Star City needs the Green Arrow. It just can't be me anymore. So I'd like it to be you.

Diggle: I'm not lying. I'm telling you this is none of your business.
Dinah: I'm out in the field with you at less than 100%, this is damn well my business! And it's Oliver's

Oliver: First, this is important, I'm not the Green Arrow.
Reporter: If you're not the Green Arrow, who is?
Oliver: Number 2! Photos can be doctored. They could have put Bruce Wayne's head on that body. Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No!

Arrow Quotes

I've been gone and I'm sorry, sorry for what the city has had to endure in my absence. But you did endure it and the evidence of that struggle is lying at my feet. You did not fail this city and I promise I will not fail you by leaving it again.


Diggle: I’ll make you one more promise: there’ll be no more secrets between you and me.
Dinah No more secrets.