I'm not walking away. I'm just not going to be following orders blindly anymore, either. From now on, I'm calling my own shots.


Transparency is about more than not wearing a mask.


If someone is after you on this earth or on any other earth, we are going to get them. Together.


Laurel: Brett Collins isn't a rando. He's supposed to be dead.
Felicity: What does that mean? What are you talking about?!
Laurel: Collins is the drunk driver that killed my father, OK? I was 13, and I spent so many years dreaming of the ways that I was going to make him pay, and I did. When I got my cry, I tracked him down, and I killed him.

I think I have been so obsessed with proving to people that I am not like my father that I didn't stop and look at all the ways that I am exactly like him.


Laurel: You should have stayed on Earth 2.
Brett: What the hell is Earth 2?

We are fighting evil that some people doesn't even know exists and sometimes that means making very difficult decisions, Curtis. The bombs are just a failsafe. That's all.


Look, I know these are bad people, but what we're doin' is inhumane.


Felicity: What just happened? Who was that guy?
Laurel: I guess not everyone's a fan of the DA.
Felicity: Yeah, but the wine. The wine!

We both know you're not as perfect as you say you are. You should be behind bars.


Laurel: Hello Brett.
Brett: Who the hell are you?
Laurel: I just discovered a new talent. I thought you should be the first to hear about it.

Quentin would have been really proud of you, the work you've done as the DA and the person that you've become. Really.


Arrow Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Curtis: I'm not putting any bombs in any heads. I don't care how evil that head might be.
Lyla: You don't need to. We just need you to ensure that the bomb tech isn't rejected after insertion.
Curtis: Yeah, 'cause that's so much better!

Tell us about a challenge that you've worked to overcome.