I'm no David Schwimmer, and you're no Jennifer Aniston!

Dr. Gunty

Daddy horny, Michael.

George Sr.

Tobias: Ok, kids. Mommy and daddy are going out for ice cream.
Maeby: Can we come?
Lindsay: Sorry, it's not for kids.

George Michael: Ok ... So, why are we doing this?
Maeby: 'Cause it's obvious they're lying. Come on, drive!
George Michael: Well, what if they see us?
Maeby: How are they going to see us?
George Michael: Well, it says "Bluth Company" right on the side, plus it's a stairway. That's gonna catch the eye.

Kitty: Do you like my outfit?
Gob: Not as much as I like what's underneath it.
Kitty: Gob!
Gob: No, I need your chair. Get up.

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