Let's see, now. 187 won't be free till Tuesday ... at midnight. And I can't put you into 212 because there's already another actor researching a role in there. Steve Buscemi.

Warden Gentiles

Maeby: I thought your dad worked last weekend.
George Michael: No, last week he had to finish planning the new subdivision.
Maeby: Oh. So, did he finish it?
George Michael: No. Hey, are you trying to make me feel bad?
Maeby: Yeah, I guess. Sorry, I'm just bored.
George Michael: That's ok.
Maeby: I guess he just likes work more than he likes you.

Buster: I need a different job. I'm having real trouble in a confined, indoor space.
Michael: How do you feel about working outdoors?
Buster: Uh ... What else do you have?

Michael: Well, you have a job now, and since Kitty's gone, you can earn your check by answering the phone.
Lindsay: Michael, it's Friday. Everybody coasts on Friday.
Michael: It's actually Saturday.
Lindsay: Finally. I'm out of here. I'll see you Tuesday.

Michael: Lindsay, how can you just come in here and ask me for a paycheck?
Lindsay: Well, I usually ask Kitty, but she's not around, and you're the only one here that I've ever seen before.

Lindsay: Okay, so you guys don't want to work? Fine. I've got a stair car full of Mexican laborers that would love a day's work.
Lupe's Uncle: Laborers? I'm a professor of American studies at the University of Mexico City.

They've got a bus, and they want to use parking lot to this building as a meeting place. I mean, for God's sake, it's not a hardware store. We can't have them hanging around like a bunch of freeloaders looking for an easy buck.


George Michael: You know, Dad, you don't have to drive so slow. I can ride my bike by myself.
Michael: This actually doesn't go any faster.

White Power Bill: Who is this little (bleep)?
Tobias: Well, it's been quite a while since anybody's called me a tyke, but no, I am Dr. Tobias Fnke, or with your help, Frightened Inmate #2. And who is this shiny building of a man?
George Sr.: Oh, I'm very scared right now.

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