George, Sr.: Keep your arm up. That's how you get accuracy.
Gob: I thought you said throwing the ball against the garage door by yourself was how you got accuracy.

Gob: Then I pass the key, bust out of prison, and into magic history. Of course, that is going to conflict with my going to the Desis with Marta.
Michael: Well, life's a compromise. I probably would have taken her to the nice event, but prison will be fun, too.

Warden: You really think you can break out of my prison?
G.O.B.: You won't even know I was here.
Narrator: The warden was intrigued. Less about the stunt, and more about the prison beatings this brash magician was sure to receive.

I, too, have an announcement to make. To prove that no prison can hold me, I will incarcerate myself in the penitentiary that holds my own father, only to escape 24 hours later. No shackles can hold these hands. (to Marta) Say that to them in Spanish.


Michael: A family. Nothing else matters.
Lucille: Michael?
Michael: It's Mom. Hide.

Gob, you've found a woman who believes in you. You should make a commitment to her because life is short. Listen to me. I would give anything to be able to have that again, you know?


Gob: You're looking at a desperate man, Michael.
Michael: Do you need money?
G.O.B.: What I need is freedom. Marta is being interviewed today on TV about her show "El Amor Prohibido". I mean, it's bad enough that I gotta go to the awards show tomorrow night. Today, I gotta stand next to her like I'm Rita Wilson.

Michael: I'm selling the company jet.
Lindsay: Great, so now we don't have a car or a jet? Why don't we just take an ad out in I'm Poor magazine?

Gob: Where am I? Am I still in prison?
Lucille: You're in the hospital.
Gob: (weakly) Ta-daa ...

Lindsay: Oh, I'm up here, Mike. And I'm not coming down. I'm going to save this tree, no matter what it takes!
Michael: Okay. I'll see you when you realize what that bucket's for.

He's a beautiful boy...they don't appreciate him. It's his glasses...they make him look like a he's self-conscious.


White Power Bill: (as he's stabbing Gob) White power!
Gob: (gasping) I'm ... white.

Arrested Development Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Surgeon: Looks like the shiv would have done some real damage if it hadn't been for this. It was in your lower intestine.
(Surgeon shows Gob the key)
Gob: So close.

Michael: Look, I'm trying to get development started. I've got six guys on bulldozers waiting to get underway.
Lindsay: Well, what about the trees?
Michael: Oh, we're just gonna cover them with blankets ... I'm ripping 'em out.