So where's my room? In the coach house?


No changes. Still marriage counseling. The lady says I have a temper.


Who knows when we'll ever be able to relax again like this in our entire lives


You know what? I got a friend whose son died in Afghanistan. She'd give anything to have him back here, no matter what shape he was in. And I can guarantee he would not be sitting here feeling sorry for himself. He'd be living every day.


Trevor: With your brains, you could do a lot in this Army. Even lead soldiers again. Your career is not over until you say it is.
Cody: It's over.

How is it you're getting a medal for valor but you can't find the courage to tell your mother we're getting married?


I'm not Nicole's roommate, I'm her fiance! And we're getting married.


Remember why we're here Claudia Joy. Don't let that bastard get the best of you.


Jackie: Well I enjoy it. Sometimes I think of it as my yoga. Ya know, it's all about breathing, control, being in touch with your body.
Claudia Joy: Really? My yoga

Roland: Who made the first phone call? You or Marcus?
David: I did. I texted him.

Well, when a homicidal maniac charges you with a pair of scissors, I think you'd be able to pull the trigger.


Hello beautiful. I hope you and Denise are out somewhere having fun. No need to call back, I was just thinking about ya. I love you.


Army Wives Season 6 Quotes

Michael: I'm gonna retire.
Claudia Joy: Honey, I know you're disappointed, but shouldn't you think this over?
Michael: I have though it over. I've commanded a division Claudia Joy, I'm not going out commanding a desk. I'll go out as the last commander of the 23rd. Besides, it's your turn. You've followed me around the world for the last 25 years. I think it's time I followed you.
Claudia Joy: Michael...
Michael: As of this moment, we are out of the Army.

Roxy: Babe, we've got to get back.
Trevor: You need to relax, yeah, really relax.