Charmain Tully: My father is an unreliable, morally ambiguous, charming drunk.
Hodiak: Yeah. So?
Charmain Tully: So you know what you smell like to me? Home cooking.

This isn't a fairytale, Charmain. Decide now. You going to stop trying to be one of us, or are you going to be one of us?


I don't know, man. I like you. I do. But every time I see you, it's a little different version of you.

Roy Kovic

If you can't at least be decent human males, at least be funnier.


Everybody in the world is living in a prison they built. They are the They're the wardens, inmates. Razor wire, chains, tower guard.

Charlie Manson

She did it with a belt, man. I passed out and only woke up because she bit me. Look it.

Mike Vickery

Roy Kovic: Nice suit. Is that the same threads you had on the other day when you fell down in the dirt?
Jimmy Too Butano: Nah, threw that one out. Plenty more where that came from. Doesn't smell like you can say the same.

Manson: There's a cop in my head, distracting me, stealing my thoughts, because of you.
Emma: I know, I'm sorry. What can I -- What can I do?
Manson: You can start by making the music man happy so he'll stay. I don't care how. But if he goes, I will care about that.

Trust me. Don't trust yourself. You're not reliable.


Charles Manson: Is it mine, Cherry Pop?
Emma: It's ours.
Charles Manson: Yes, and we'll raise it together.

Ah, ah, ah -- new rule. Use less words. Turns out life is short.


I'd do it myself, but I'm burned...and apparently not...handsome or some -- I'm a grandma or something.


Aquarius Season 1 Quotes

This is your moment. You dive into your own beautiful future, or fall right back into mommy and daddy.


Shafe: You've got to read him his rights.
Hodiak: What?
Shafe: That new, uh, that Miranda thing.
Hodiak: Miranda? Who?
Shafe: Hey, you gotta it.
Hodiak: You, dirtbag, have the right to, but you don't deserve, or I'll kick your teeth in. How's that?
Shafe: Seriously?
Hodiak: I can't remember it exactly.
Shafe: You know it?
Hodiak: Do you?
Shafe: I got the, uh, card that they handed out.