Leave him alone, he deserves a happy ending.


I needed to believe that a normal life was possible after Camp Redwood, a glimmer of hope after all that darkness. Your dad was that for me.


Thanks for nothing, f–kface!


He came here to do good, but dark forces took him away.


Everyone you see here is likely to kill you.


They're dead, Courtney. Kajagugu is dead.


Benjamin: I'm going to end you in this place.
Richard: Bring it on, Key Man.

Donna: Every horror movie has a final girl.
Brooke: Final girl?
Donna: The one who survives it all and lives to tell the tale.

Worker: Hey man, who are you with?
Richard: Satan.
Worker: Right on.

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You stay, you die.


Night Stalker: You're starting to be a real drag, you know that?
Benjamin: I've been your little sidekick for a year. I'm tired, I don't like your music, I don't like living like an animal.
Night Stalker: It's not so bad.
Benjamin: And I've had to watch you kill. Do you even keep track? Because I do. 11. It's a start. I see their faces, I see them all. I can't do it anymore.
Night Stalker: That's not your decision to make, Satan gave you life. You serve at his pleasure. That's the deal. If you break that deal, if you bail, there will be hell to pay. Literally.

Counselor: So gross. Aren't you bored of this by now?
Counselor #2: Seriously. I haven't wanted to touch a living person since 1972.

American Horror Story Quotes

Liz: Control...is an illusion.
John: Tonight I surrender to the illusion.

Madison: Who are you?
Fiona: You know, I gotta hand it to you. A Bus flip. That's not easy, but you were a sloppy little witch bitch.
Madison: Go to hell you stupid hag.