Jeanette: Did you look... did you see...
JD: I don't want to look. I don't want to see. It's happened before, Jeanette.
Jeanette: How many died?
JD: A lot, Jeannette. A whole lot. Since I was a boy, it's been business as usual.

I'm Shae. Same deal. Not the same. But same kind. Before this I was living with my guy. He took care of me. He promised I'd never have to go home, never have to see my dad, or my dad's girlfriend who made me have an abortion because she thought I only got pregnant cause I wanted the attention. Billy took care of me. I know he's done some messed up stuff, but he was the only one who ever gave me anything. I miss that. I miss him.


When they were running crack, they didn't have no Narcan. They let the Mexicans die. They let the blacks die. And then heroin comes into the suburbs and all of a sudden they got this magic powder.


It's not just the accident. Your father... I worry about his health. You're all doing more and more and I... I sit around. That's what I do all day, I sit around. So if I can help... that's something I can do.


Luis: [in Spanish]: You recognize him?
Man: [in Spanish]: I don't want trouble.
Luis: [in Spanish]: He's not trouble. He's my family.
Man: [in Spanish]: I don't know if your family's trouble.
Luis: [in Spanish]: He's not trouble. He's a kid, he's seventeen.
Man: [in Spanish]: If he's stupid, he's in jail.

Diego: Who said you could pay him?
Isaac: He's working extra...
Diego: Who said you could pay him?
Isaac: He's just looking to make extra money.
Diego: You want him to stay high, you pay him so he can take his white-trash pills and stay lit up.
Isaac: You tell me you want him to work, then you say he's not working enough. What do you want me to do?
Diego: I want you to think. You let a druggie on the farm, you don't know what he's gonna do.

Jeannette: You have to look at -
Carson: I've done nothing but look. You've been putting them in front of my face day and night.
Jeannette: But those people who died -
Carson: They're not our responsibility. They weren't even on our property.
Jeannette: But you know how they lived.

Jeannette: Is there anything we can do?
Lori-Anne: Well, I think we all feel badly.
Jeannette: Yes, but is there anything we can do? Is there anything I should be doing?
Lori-Anne: People often confuse doing something good with having done something wrong.

Kimara: I've been getting IVF treatments and so far it's not taking. And these treatments... they're expensive.
Man: How expensive?
Kimara: Like, $12,000 a cycle.
Man: You need money?
Kimara: What I need... the doctor, they send you to the next person and help you fill out the paperwork and that's it. The sperm donors are anonymous and the rooms are cold. And it's lonely. It shouldn't be so lonely, trying to start a family.

They ain't gonna respect us, you gotta respect yourself, and I'm telling you, you fooling around with this white bitch isn't gonna get it done.

Farm worker

Doctor: Do you use drugs?
Shay: Yeah.
Doctor: What drugs do you use?
Shay: Weed. Oxy when I can get it. And I drink.
Doctor: When was the last time you used?
Shay: Yesterday.
Doctor: Are you addicted?
Shay: I don't know.
Doctor: Any gastrointenstinal pain, nausea or vomiting?
Shay: No.
Doctor: Any other health concerns?
Shay: No. Yes. I'm pregnant.
Doctor: How far along?
Shay: Four weeks.
Doctor: Have you ever been pregnant before?
Shay: Yes.
Doctor: How did that pregnancy end?
Shay: It ended.

Abby: You feel like you're burning out?
Kimara: Abby, I feel like I'm on a lifeboat that only holds 10 people. And there was a time when I'd try to get 100 people on that boat, but now... now I can only get 10, maybe not even 10.
Abby: Don't accept it. Keep fighting the fight.

American Crime Quotes

Here's the notice of his suspension, we don't play favorites. Every student is teated equally. I understand Ms. Blaine may feel otherwise, but we've done all that we can.


No one was singled out.