Andrew: When the police open the door, they'll see two suspects, not two victims.
David: I had nothing to do with this.
Andrew: They won't believe you.

David: Are you gonna hurt anyone else?
Andrew: No.
David: I need you to promise me.
Andrew: I promise you. No one else will get hurt as long as you're by my side.

Your friend David Madson isn't the victim. He's the killer.


Is that why you killed Jeff? You loved him. It was so obvious. But he figured you out, didn't he? Took him a few years but he finally saw the real you. And you killed him for it.

David [to Andrew]

Perfume is about our bodies talking to each other without words.


It was a random robbery. And a random killing.


He won't steal my name.


I've killed two people, Lee. Two people that were very close to me. I know it's hard to believe. Intellectual Andrew. Well read, well spoken Andrew. Well dressed. But here I am. This is me.


No, I'm not like most escorts. I'm not like most anyone. I could almost be a husband. Or a partner. I could almost be.

Andrew [to Lee]

Lee: We don't have to talk.
Andrew: No, we don't.

I try. I try.


I am not a villain. And he is not a saint.

Antonio [to Donatella]

American Crime Story: Versace Quotes

Friend: You can't even tell people you're gay.
Andrew: I tell people all the time. I told people for years.
Friend: You tell gay people you're gay. And straight people you're straight.

Versace has invited me to the opera. Of course I said yes.