Andrew- Oh, if they could see me now.
Norman- Who?
Andrew- Everyone.

Lizzie: Who are you trying to be?
Andrew: Someone he can love.

Andrew: David, I'm a good person who wants to be good to you.
David: One day you're going to make someone very happy. I know you will.

You've made a beautiful home. I want you to be happy, I really do. And I don't mind that you tell a few lies to smooth over the discomfort of this arrangement. Hell, I can allow you all of the lies that you want. Except for one. That I'm a fool.

Norman [to Andrew]

Andrew: I need to get back to my party. That room is full of people that love me.
Gallo: Then that room is full of people that don't know you.

You're a handsome, young interior designer who's living with his wealthy, older client.


No one wants your love!

Jeff [to Andrew]

Jeff: Everything you gave me, the bar, the meals, the men. It means nothing. I want my life back. My real life. My life as a soldier.
Andrew: They don't want you. They never wanted you.

Antonio: I know my place. Unlike you.
Donatella: What is my place?

Jeff: He's got no one. He's got nothing. Everything he's told you about his life is a lie. You know that, right?
David: Do you even like him?

You should really start thinking about your new life. What you want to do with it.

Andrew [to David]

Jeff: He took something from my new apartment.
David: Yeah. What'd he take?
Jeff: My gun.

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American Crime Story: Versace Quotes

Friend: You can't even tell people you're gay.
Andrew: I tell people all the time. I told people for years.
Friend: You tell gay people you're gay. And straight people you're straight.

Versace has invited me to the opera. Of course I said yes.