Aren't you going to stop her?

Kia [to Spencer]

This ain't about one of us. It's about all of us.


I'm not going to stand in your way anymore. You can have Spencer. I'm done with him ... and you.

Layla [to Olivia]

I came back home to make a difference but so far it's just been messy.

Spencer [to Billy]

Don't put your life on hold for nobody.

Preach [to Coop]

Jordan: Do you regret breaking up with him?
Olivia: No, it was inevitable. I just didn't expect it to fall apart that way.

The new generation is passionate.

Carter [to Grace]

Grace [to Spencer]: Is this about the breakup?
Dillon: Which one?
Grace: Don't listen to your brother.

They shouldn't have to rely on sports to make something of themselves.

Carter [to Billy]

You've got to talk to Carter.

Spencer [to Billy]

Simone: I think that all families fight before weddings. It might be a rite of passage.
Jordan: We definitely passed it.

Spencer: J.J. knows you're getting married?
Jordan: No. J.J. just likes strippers.

All American Season 3 Quotes

Spencer: Y'all gonna see plenty of me. Ain't nothin' gonna change.
Jordan: Except the color of your jersey. And winning the state title this year.

Spencer: Coming back home to Crenshaw after being in Beverly, the city just hits differently. I like sitting here, getting to slowly enjoy it again.
Chris: I'm hot and I'm tired. Whatever nostalgic Kool-Aid you're sipping on, I want no part of that. I just want to get to Beverly before next year.