Now I understand why humans have written so many sad songs.


It is overwhelming. That's why I decided to only feel one of them. Vengeance. It's hot and clean and sharp like a knife.

Aida [on her new feelings]

When I'm there, I'm just a passenger. Ghost Rider drives.

Robbie [to Daisy]

Missed it again. You two together and we missed it. Damn!

Coulson [to Daisy and Robbie]

You know, Robot May was way more supportive.

Coulson [to May]

This must be Aida's revenge after I quaked her skinny ass out that window.


They were murdered by a vanishing banshee made from matter from another dimension.

Coulson [to Talbot]

That flame-headed demon was born in the same darkness that created you. You'll have to be careful.

Ivanov [to Aida]

The earth is just one territory in a war that's been going on forever.


Yo-Yo: I came here for Mack.
Radcliffe: A valiant, but foolish, endeavor.

Call me sweet one more time and I'll rip the titanium spines out of all of you tin cans.

Aida [to Ivanov]

You built an empire by eliminating the regrets of others. How does that taste on your tongue?

Ivanov [to Aida]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Ward: And the attackers?
Coulson: Invisible.
Skye: Wait Invisible? So cool, but terrible.

Coulson: We'll be making the calls, picking the ops, no red tape. [looks around] This is where they actually make the red tape isn't it?
May: You're really just asking me to drive the bus?
Coulson: No. [smiles] It's a really nice bus.