Hey. Hope might not have been real, but your love for her was. And that makes you a great father. And a good man. We’ll get through this place intact. Together.


Deke: Okay, this is probably the part where I should explain--
Coulson: No, this is the part where May breaks your *face*! You explaining? Kinda secondary!

Coulson: They’re using newborns as a commodity?!
Deke: How do you think things are done around here? It’s the only way anyone can have kids.
Coulson: I’m sorry, the *only* way?
Deke: People don’t get *pregnant* anymore.
Coulson: Super. And the vibe goes full dystopian!

Deke: Well, maybe the Prophecy wouldn’t be such a mystery if you didn’t kill anyone who knew anything about it.
Kasius: Yes. Life is full of regrets.

Have you looked in a mirror? You’re a *beast*! Go be one!

Grill [to Mack]

May I call you Daisy? It’s a lot less formal than ‘Destroyer of Worlds.’


Kasius: Despite everything I did for these humans, I still found them clinging to their gods. Their fairy tales. One of which was Quake. The old ones, rest their souls, used to tell how SHIELD would return one day from the past to save them. Now here *you* are.
Daisy: Not by choice.
Kasius: You you show up at the exact same time as another human. There’s no marks on her wrist, and a skillset beyond her station!

Kasius: So this is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds. How is it possible she's here?
Deke: The important thing is... she's yours.
Daisy [to Deke]: I'll kill you... I swear...
Deke: Sorry, sweetheart. I'm just playing the long game.

Oh. So there she is. Quake, Destroyer of Worlds.


Mack: You were all pinned to the wall, flailing around like a bunch of hungry hungry hippos!
Coulson: Huh. In my mind it was cooler than that.

Say what you will about our future dystopian horror show... it has a nice view.


May: So, less than 24 hours and you’ve already been taken prisoner! Is that a record?
Coulson: Not even close!

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Oh. So there she is. Quake, Destroyer of Worlds.


So SHIELD doesn’t have a space division called SPEAR or something? Really? I always thought you guys had people hiding on the moon!