All I ever did was love Nick and love Flynn. It started as a lie but it was real.


Alice: I killed him for what he did to you, to Flynn, to our family.
Emily: That’s bullshit. You killed him to protect yourself.

I trusted you with Flynn. I trusted you more than I trusted myself and you treated him like a lab rat.


[to Alice] Getting closer to the father guarantees Flynn’s safety. Remember why you’re here. Remember your purpose.

Dr. Odewale

Emily: Odewale was analyzing Flynn’s blood just like he was analyzing mine. There are years worth of Flynn’s blood tests here.
Cal: How could he pull that off?
Emily: The only two people who could have known about this were Alice and Nick.

Julianne: You were a good field agent. I’m offering you the opportunity to give that another try.
Crown: Excuse me?
Julianne: Deputy Director Webb feels that the Boston Field Office needs new leadership, someone from the outside who can assess things objectively.
Crown: So the time has come to kick me to the curb.
Julianne: You’re not being fired, just demoted.

Alice: Do you think things will every feel normal again?
Nick: What’s normal for this family?

Nick: He looked Flynn right in the eye and said he told him he was there to help him when he was one of the people trying to destroy this family. We let the devil in.
Alice: I’m so sorry, Nick. If I knew I would have never let him into our lives.
Nick: How could you know?
Alice: He was everything to me.

Jack: So that’s it, just because you say it is? You’re not even giving us a chance.
Alice: I’m hanging up now.
Jack: If you do I’m coming over there.
Alice: What did you just say?
Jack: You just can’t drop me like I’m nothing. We’re good together.

Emily: Please, I need you to buy me a little more time. I need to figure out what he did to my kid. Please.
Crown: You are going to have to answer for this, Emily. I’m sorry, I can’t protect you.
Emily, I get it.

Dr. Odewale: Your blood was the genesis for the serum. You are connected to all of the Fentanyl victims. Your blood was in their veins.
Emily: You tortured me.
Dr. Odewale: I made you what you are. Your resilience got stronger the longer you were caged. I did that.

Emily: Why Fentanyl?
Dr. Odewale: Because I failed. I failed. We had to cover all traces so that the work could go on.

Absentia Quotes

If you don't believe me, Nick, why are you even asking me the question?


Alice: I know she would have loved to be at your race, every race, but she wanted to make your life safer, and mine. We kind of owe her, don't you think?
Flynn: You're my Mom.