You got a nice kid there. Make sure you enjoy every moment.

Alex's father

Alright that's it. I'm going to start calling you Margaret. I don't think you're fun enough to be a Maggie.


Gary: How'd your chair get so far away from you?
Eddie: He was racing around it in, and I didn't realize until it was too late. I thought about crawling, but I didn't know if I could get in the chair on my own, and I couldn't let them see me on the floor like that. I don't know how much longer I can keep putting on a happy face for everyone.

Gary: I'm sorry man.
Eddie: Well don't be. I got what I deserved.
Gary: Knock it off.
Eddie: No, this is payback for all the stupid choices I made in my life.

I don't remember that. It's like the longer he's gone the more things I forget about him.


Shanice: The one friend who is being cheated on. I didn't love how on her way to the wake she said, "I didn't realize this would be an all-day thing."
Rome: You're not even in this scene. 
Shanice: I'm just saying; it made her very unlikeable.
Rome: Well actually, that's sort of the point. This whole thing explores the idea that in life, just when you think you know someone, you don't.
Shanice: Mhmm. Maybe take a look at it.

Shanice: I won't let him touch the relationship between Regina and Rome. It's perfect. You're the couple everyone roots for.Gina: Yeah, my husband is an amazing writer.

Gary: His life will never be the same.
Darcy: Maybe not, but at least he has a life. And what that is depends on what he makes of it.

Darcy: Eddie and I have never really clicked.
Gary: C'mon that's just Ed. When you meet him, you don't want to like him, and then you end up loving him. He's like the Maroon 5 of people.
Darcy: Do you know had bad it got for Katherine when she found out he was cheating on her? She wasn't eating. She wasn't sleeping. And I was the only one who was there for her at the time. And honestly, I don't understand how she can forgive him. Look, I know that he's your friend, and you want to help him, and you should, but I just I can't be a part of it

Gina: Rome, look at me 
Rome: What?
Gina: I don't want that to be fiction. Just talk to me. Tell me how you're feeling.
Rome: What I'm feeling is that I'm not entitled to my feelings. If I acknowledge them, I'm lashing out at you, and if I say nothing, I'm denying myself.
Gina: Alright, I don't want you to deny yourself, but I just want to know what you're thinking.
Rome: You know what I'm thinking? I'm mad. OK? I know you're in pain, and the last thing I want to do is add to it, but I'm in pain too. Because we could be parenting a baby right now, but you weren't ready. And then you went and threw away all the baby things without talking to me. And somehow I'm the one who's not talking enough.

Eddie: Really? You're going to block a man in a wheelchair?
Gary: Oh, was I supposed to take it easy on you?

Gary: I just want to make sure we're not moving too fast. Because I think you're amazing, and I really want this to work.
Darcy: Me too.