Let's just hit pause for a second. Neither one of us should have sex for 24 hours.


I would like to introduce you to Rome when he's stressed. Rome when he's stressed, this is Eve.


What do I do? I cannot have my first date since Gary be in front of Gary!


I thought I would learn something from you about being an artist, Eddie, but you're not an artist. You are just a washed-up "Yes" man who will do anything to stay relevant.


Dad, Mom might have put up with your crap, but I won't. If you can't figure out a way to support me for once, then go home.


Gary: Why are you so upset?
Maggie: Because I'm humiliated, and the last person I want to be humiliated in front of is you.

Sophie: Did you love him?
Delilah: Dad? Of course I did.
Sophie: No, Eddie.
Delilah: I did. I did, but what I realize now is that we were both lost so we leaned on each other, first as friends, and more, and it was a mistake. It was a terrible one. And even if though we have Charlie in our life and she's so incredible. What Eddie and I did still feels me with so much regret. That's something I don't want you to ever feel.

Dakota: Oh, I forgot. Is this going to be a problem?
Eddie: Only if I order.

Eddie: You are so talented, Dakota.
Dakota: It's Christine.

Gina: Gary, Why didn't you just tell her.
Gary: It's a bottle of wine, Gina, she didn't need to know it was from me.
Gina: I don't mean about the wine. I mean about how you feel.
Gary: Maggie's made it very clear she only wants to be friends, OK? And maybe that's all it's supposed to to be. I can't put myself out there again. Not with her.

You know it's funny. Part of me wished this wine had been from Gary.


Rome: I'm really sorry about --
Isaac: Don't ever do that again.
Rome: It's just
Isaac: Don't ever apologize for having your priorities in order. You know what I'd give to have one more lunch with my dad?