Gary: Alright, I'll tell you. The guitar student's mom that he has been f-- it's Delilah!
Eddie: Rome, please. Let me explain.
Rome: You can't explain that. You can't explain that.

Hey it's me. I tried you a couple times, but you're not picking up. Look, I didn't want to do this in voicemail. Katherine found out about us. Gary and Rome know too.

Eddie VM

How about friends with benefits? OK, that totally came out wrong.

Maggie I can't be your therapist and your friend. That's not how it works. Rome

Katherine: Are you having an affair?
Eddie: Katherine, there's so--
Katherine: Who is it?
Eddie: It doesn't matter who.
Katherine: My God. Is it someone I know? Trust me I'm an attorney, I can find out who this is by lunch.
Eddie: OK. Listen, sit down.
Katherine: I don't want to sit down, at least give me the respect of telling me who it is!

Rome: Why aren't you mad at Delilah?
Gary: Because. She's not here!

Gary: Eddie slept with one of his best friend's wives, Rome. Why don't you call Regina and see what he did to her?
Rome: Dude, there you go. That's good.
Gary: Oh my joke about Eddie sleeping with your wife, that's inappropriate?
Rome: This sucks. I get it. But we have to push through somehow. You and me are going to get in this car, and we're going to have a great day.
Gary: How can you say that? How are we going to have a great day? Are we going to go to the garden and pretend like nothing happened?
Rome: Yeah ... that's what I do Gary. That's how I get through every day. C'mon man I can't lose another friend. Let's go.

Eddie: It's from Jon. It's an auto reminder
Katherine: Oh Gary's birthday
Eddie: He had us all save the date.
Katherine: Oh, he thought of everything.

Delilah: Look, I appreciate all of this. Not the cookies, just your kindness, but I think I'm better off alone.
Regina: No you're not. You need to lean on me, bother me, call me. That is what I'm here for. Otherwise, all I have done is made you fat.

Eddie: Jon would stink want us to do this right?
Gary: I think he would come back from the dead and kill us for not doing this.

So Gary, are we good? Or did you need me to sign his permission slip?


I need to find the note. The note that tells me to go to hell. So I know that's why he did it. That's what you're all thinking isn't it? That I killed him. Say it. Just say it. Say it!


Regina: I just called Rome to see how the day is going. How could you?
Maggie: Maybe I should leave because.
Regina: No. Don't. Let's just do this.

A Million Little Things Quotes

In every relationship, there is a flower and a gardener. And it sounds to me like you've been the gardener for a long time, but you need to tell Regina that you need to be a flower for a while.


Maggie: Maybe he just lost sight of the horizon. I was watching this documentary on JFK Jr. You remember when his plane went down? ... Anyway, Kennedy was a novice pilot. He was flying at night, and the clouds came in, and his instruments were telling him which way was up, but he didn't trust them. The truth was right in front of him, and he couldn't see it. He lost sight of the horizon and nosedived, and by the time he realized what was happening, it was too late, and he couldn't pull up.
Gary: What does this have to do--
Maggie: That's depression. Now maybe he wasn't depressed; maybe something else was going on. People keep secrets from loved ones, and sometimes, you don't even know they have these secrets until an event like this happens.