Liam: This is boring.
Naomi: It's not boring. Deck panels are... rad.

Adrianna: Didn't know you were in AA.
Gia: Sort of what the "anonymous" is about.

Annie: It's complicated.
Naomi: What's complicated about it? He's a drug dealer.

What happened the night of the dance, it just happened. Will it happen again? Probably.


Annie: Why are you doing this?
Jasper: I love you. You love me, I know you do.

This is a worse idea than your Boys of Blaze calendar fund raiser.


Navid: Just like the poster says: I'm not a rat. I'm a hero.
Liam: You're an idiot.

Silver: You look tanner than you did yesterday. How is that possible?
Naomi: I may have gone tanning last night.

I've barely exchanged 10 words with Kelly since we realized she had a crush on me... since you realized she had a crush on me.


I'm gonna read War and Peace. Why not? It's one of my New Year's Resolutions.


She changed, I changed, maybe now we can get back together.

Dixon [on Silver]

I'm private and secretive, but I don't wanna be. If you give me another chance, I won't be.


90210 Season 2 Quotes

Debbie: Jasper is odd.
Annie: You don't even know him.

Naomi: You can do better [than Ivy].
Ivy: I can hear you.