Gia: Pity party check list. First thing we need: sad movies.
Adriana: Okay. The Way We Were, A Walk to Remember, P.S. I Love You, The Notebook...
Gia: No The Notebook, I watched that with Alexa.
Adriana: Love Story?
Gia: Does anyone die?
Adrianna: And she's so young too.
Gia: Perfect.

Naomi: Sorry I couldn't make it to the top.
Liam: Stop. Don't be silly.
Ivy: Yeah the view isn't really that great. You might as well buy the postcard, right?

Dixon: What exactly is a seitan burger?
Silver: It's like a burger, except instead of the burger part, it has seitan.
Dixon: I dunno, it sound to me like you're having a satan burger.
Silver: Well, it's the best thing you can get for six dollars and sixty six cents.

Naomi: It's about me and Liam. We obviously have incredible sexual chemistry.
Ivy: Good to know.
Naomi: I don't understand why he's so stiff around me. Outside the bedroom, inside, like I said, he's plenty stiff.

Naomi: How's the burger?
Liam: It's not bad. You want a bite?
Naomi: No, I'm fine. Want a bite of my extremely dry chicken?

Naomi: You should actually come with us, the shops are still open for another 20 minutes and i'm still looking for the perfect LGD.
Adrianna: Little gold dress.
Annie: Ah, of course.

Three letters, WTF, spring to mind... what the frick just happened?


We're soulmates. Know what that means? Soulmates, they're forever.


Kelly: There's no reason for you to feel threatened.
Debbie: I'm not threatened. I'm annoyed.

Naomi: I'd feel naked without it.
Silver: Why?
Naomi: Because I'm naked without it.

Liam, get over yourself... cuz I did.


Now Dad can't bust me for reading about Jude Law's latest love child instead of writing my Hamlet paper.


90210 Season 2 Quotes

Debbie: I think this is a family matter.
Dana: Family matters always trickle down to the kids, and one of your kids I gave birth to.

I feel free. New year. New Dixon.