I'm pretty confident with my skills, you know, between the sheets!


Navid: Did I make Adrianna gay?
Gia [laughing]: No, that's not really how it works.

Dixon: Did you really need to pee on yourself in front of all those girls?
Teddy: Right. I should have let you do it.

Adrianna: Can't I just play with the band in my spare time?
Laurel: Spare time? I don't think you grasp where your life is heading.

Annie: We're gonna take that car for a ride today.
Silver: Hopefully before I get strangled by my own boobs.

I'm gonna go take a history test, which will be a lot more pleasant than this encounter.


Teddy: I know how cute you look when you're angry.
Silver: I hate you.
Teddy: No you don't. I know you.

What we had was based on love. That's isn't love.


If you call me "mom" in public, I'll sock you.

Ivy's mom
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