Lila, you should know that my loyalty lies with you... will you give me another another chance?


Laurel: Don't get your panties in a bunch.
Ryan: My panties are very much bunched right now.

Get it through your head, Ivy. We're never gonna happen.


They used to call me "wake and bake."


Dixon: Why would your mom hire me?
Ivy: Maybe because I told her you were one of the hottest new DJs in town and you just spun Rob Pattinson's birthday party.

Harry: How could you do that?
Naomi: I never thought it would go this far.

Naomi: You said you loved me.
Liam: I did. And I do.
Naomi: I love you, too.

I may not look like a bruiser, but I can bruise if need be.


I'm looking for a car that represents a whole new chapter in my life. Something that says Thelma and Louise, without the falling-off-the-cliff part.

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