Teddy: I know how cute you look when you're angry.
Silver: I hate you.
Teddy: No you don't. I know you.

What we had was based on love. That's isn't love.


If you call me "mom" in public, I'll sock you.

Ivy's mom

Teddy: What's the word?
Ivy: The word is that I got a great guy.

Adrianna: I'm still trying to figure this thing out.
Gia: Step one: stop calling it "this thing."

One time I bought her a leather bracelet and she accused me of being insensitive to cow feelings. Cow feelings!


Naomi: You can do better [than Ivy].
Ivy: I can hear you.

Teddy: Are those new shoes? I like them.
Silver: So did I. When I bought them... in seventh grade. Nice try.

Dixon, why do you know Silver's Facebook status?


Silver: I got a haircut.
Teddy: Like a hair cut? A single hair?

You are noting like Jen, and if you were, I wouldn't be with you.


Dixon: Maybe we can Skype and watch a game together.
Dana: Okay, I'm not sure what that means, but sounds like fun.

90210 Season 2 Quotes

Debbie: Jasper is odd.
Annie: You don't even know him.

Naomi: You can do better [than Ivy].
Ivy: I can hear you.