What Silver needs are friends she can rely on, and clearly that's not you.

Naomi [to Adrianna]

You can control what I do at home, but not what I do at school.


Liam: We don't wanna be a couple couple.
Ivy: So don't Tweet about it, pretty boy.

No one else matters as long as we have each other.

Annie [to Jasper]

What does that mean, my loss? It's a person, not a baseball game.


Silver: Is it bad we left the Shiva?
Naomi: They covered all those mirrors, which was just rude.

Adrianna: How are you feeling?
Navid: Worse than I ever felt in my life, but not bad.

I've slept with a lot of men and you were easily the most boring.

Jen [to Liam]

I miss you. You weren't just my boyfriend. You were my friend.


Ryan: I would never cheat on you.
Jen: Honestly?
Ryan: Honestly.

Ryan: How did you start a fire?
Jen: The Styles section.

You have no idea who I am anymore!


90210 Season 2 Quotes

Ivy: You're crazy, Dixon.
Dixon: Crazy about you.

Harry: How's it going?
Naomi: Sticky.