Three letters, WTF, spring to mind... what the frick just happened?


We're soulmates. Know what that means? Soulmates, they're forever.


Kelly: There's no reason for you to feel threatened.
Debbie: I'm not threatened. I'm annoyed.

Naomi: I'd feel naked without it.
Silver: Why?
Naomi: Because I'm naked without it.

Liam, get over yourself... cuz I did.


Now Dad can't bust me for reading about Jude Law's latest love child instead of writing my Hamlet paper.


Liam: This is boring.
Naomi: It's not boring. Deck panels are... rad.

Adrianna: Didn't know you were in AA.
Gia: Sort of what the "anonymous" is about.

Annie: It's complicated.
Naomi: What's complicated about it? He's a drug dealer.

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