I love your eyes. And I love you.


This being-in-love stuff is making me crazy.


You just dumped me out of the blue. What kind of love acts like that?!?


Adrianna: There are a lot of deserving people who can't have kids.
Naomi: I know, I saw Juno, too.

If Dixon wants a girl, Dixon gets a girl!


I'll stay, as long as you're okay with the occasional 'this is such a lame chick flick' comment.

Ethan [to Rhonda]

Dixon: The only way to get over a girl is to get a new girl.
Navid: Hell to the YES!

I'm so sick of reading about how screwed up I am on the bathroom walls.


If Perez Hilton has taught us anything, it's that you can't hide a baby bump forever.


I'm pregnant. And it's your baby.

Adrianna [to Ty]

Annie: Why is life so full of challenges?
Harry: Because it's life.

I don't need a father anymore... but I do need you to more your car.


90210 Season 1 Quotes

I'm gonna get us some fruity, crappy, non alcoholic drinks... woohoo!


I'm gonna save most of that emotional goodness for when I audition for The Hills... I do think I could be the next Spencer.