Kelly: Do you wanna journal?
Silver: No, I don't wanna journal, nor do I wanna use "journal" as a verb.

Harry: How will we pass the time? I've got an idea: sex. Lots of sex. Starting right now.

Naomi: Play your cards right and maybe we'll see some along time together.
Liam: That's an oxymoron.

There are a lot of other fish in the sea. Equally cute fish.


I'm here. And I'm gonna help you get help.

Dixon [to Silver]

I was gonna go to Kansas because Kansas equals Dixon. And Dixon equals baking soda.


If we're not together, and we break up... then I have to accept everything that I've done... I've been a jerk.


Annie, things haven't been good. We haven't been happy.


Adrianna does a great tractor voice. Hit it!

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