I came here tonight, fully prepared to have sex for the first time... this whole world is definitely not fine with me.


Brenda: I didn't forget everything about how school.
Kelly: Sometimes, don't you wish you could.

Ethan: Wouldn't you rather save yourself for someone who cares about you?
Annie: I tried that. Didn't work out.

You can not have sex with Ty Collins.


Dixon: This is a pretty disturbing moment between us, isn't it?
Annie: Let's never speak of it.

I kinda like when you're bossy like that.

Dixon [to Silver]

Silver: Just breathe.
Annie: I am breathing.
Silver: Breathe slower.

Dad, you either trust me, or you don't. And it's really sounding like you don't.


It is a hotel! With rooms, and beds, and horny teenage boys.


The tricky part of teaching is being friendly, without being their friend.


You are not ready for sex.

Silver [to Annie]

Doesn't everyone want what Ethan and I have?


90210 Season 1 Quotes

Whether I like it or not, I'm having this baby.


Naomi: Why are you always so mean to me?
Ryan: Who said I was mean? [to bartender} She's underage. Don't serve. I guess that was mean. Oops.