Girlfriends are like plants. Yes and guys are like cut flowers. You know. Sure they're pretty and they small nice most of the time. But they don't last. Yes and a plant or a friend, if you nurture it and take care of it, it grows and it lasts a long long time. Does this make sense? Is this helping at all?


Fortunately for you, I speak fluent Sidekick.


Annie: [Is this skirt] too short?
Silver: Let's just say you're gonna need two hairdos for that outfit.

Enjoy my sloppy seconds!

Naomi [to Annie, about Ethan]

Annie, do not engage the scary blonde chick.


Annie is a whore who went out with my boyfriend when I asked her not to.


Ethan: Hey, girlfriend?
Annie: Yes, boyfriend?

I feel like I have a son and I haven't been any sort of father to him.


Are you one of those patriotic Americans I hear so much about?

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