The harder the slap, the harder they rub back.


Random girl: I'm so sorry that happened to you. I don't know why people cheat.
Naomi: Who are you and why are you talking to me?

If Ty Collins is in to you, you should be in to Ty Collins. So to speak.

Silver [to Annie]

Ryan: You''re too easy. Anyone ever tell you that?
Kelly: Not lately.

It was a fabulous party. I just expect to see you there, with all your morals and everything.


Ethan: Do you want me to kick his ass? Because I could totally do that for you.
Annie: He'd kill you. But thanks for the thought!

We are both geographically undesirable.

Annie [on long distance break up with Jason]

I need to finish my memoirs before my friend Virgnia does. We've slept with all the same people.


Tabitha: My damn computer froze up again.
Harry: What did you spill on it this time, Mom?
Tabitha: Scotch. I mean... iced tea.

Dixon: This place definitely doesn't suck.
Annie: Welcome to California.

I was trying to find that guy you liked a couple summers ago.

Ethan [to Annie]

There's a whole world outside of Beverly Hills.


90210 Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Come on. This is gonna be fun. We got the weather, we got the palm trees, we got the... more palm trees.


Dixon: This sucks.
Debbie: Dixon, how about a new phrase? Like this bites or this blows? Because you've been saying this sucks for the last 1,500 miles.