Naomi: Isn't this amazing, Teddy?
Teddy: No, this is weird.

When I think about the future, I want to be the kind of guy who deserves a girl like you.

Max [to Naomi]

All this time you've been pretending about wanting to have a life with me?

Annie [to Liam]

Getting married isn't the important part. Being married is.


Hey Blondie! Wearing anything under that robe?

Naomi [to Ivy]

All these lies. You really think you're going to get away with it.

Javier [to Adrianna]

We'll be friends when we're old ladies.

Silver [to Adrianna]

I'm heartbroken slash really pissed off.

Silver [discussing break up from Navid with Adrianna]

Naomi: You've really never been to the principal's office?
Max: Not against my will.

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