Christopher: Hey, Buck?
Buck: Yeah, buddy?
Christopher: You're a good friend.
Buck: Yeah. Sometimes.

Maddie: I really can't wait to meet her. There's just a part of me that wishes I could keep her in here. You know, til the world gets better out there.
Athena: Or maybe you'll find the world gets better once she's in it.

Taylor: You ever think you just need to be patient, let the universe come to you? I didn't think so.
Buck: Real funny.

Eddie: Eh, should have tried thinking before he ended up on a roof. I mean, he cornered himself.
Hen: That there is a whole series of bad life choices culminating in this one unfortunate moment. It'd be tragic if it wasn't so moronic.

Chimney: So, what do you want to do?
Maddie: I wanna have her here.

Guess everyone has their breaking point.


Hen: Ma, It's a pandemic. It's not your fault.
Toni: I'm 64 years old and dead broke. Feels like it might be my fault.

David: What is he doing?
Bobby: Breaking and entering.

Maddie: Well, if nothing else, we'll get to know our neighbors.
Buck: Be careful what you wish for.

Albert: What's wrong?
Buck: We have to move.

Hen: She's moving back. In the neighborhood.
Karen: It's great.
Hen: Is it?

Hen: Ma, we're in the middle of a pandemic. You can't just show up at people's houses.
Toni: You're not people. You're my family.

9-1-1 Season 4 Quotes

Hen: Bobby what happened to Athena was devastating. It made her question everything, her ability to do the job. I mean, that can't be any easy thing for a woman who counts on nobody but herself. There's a reason she drives that L car, Bobby.
Bobby: No partner.

Albert: Hey, hey, hey. Don't worry. Howard will be home soon he's just, um, scared.
Maddie: Isn't everybody?