Michael: I'm not pushing anybody away. Listen man, I'm taking some steps back so you guys can have all the space. You know, to learn.
Bobby: To learn what?
Michael: How to be a family when I'm gone.

Hen: Yes, Bobby is an EMT, but he's not a doctor.
Michael: Which is fine, because my actual doctor cleared me for this trip, okay? This is important, okay? I need to do this.

I get taking things slow. But tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. So if you love her, tell her.

Eddie [to Chimney]

Chimney: God, I do love you.
Maddie: You better.

Albert: Why are you upset?
Chimney: Because you brought some rando club girl to my home and you ignited yourself all over my living room!

Chimney: And what exactly is wrong with the same girl every night? What you don't like Maddie?
Albert: I like her very much. She's a good friend to you.
Chimney: Well, she's a lot more than that.
Albert: Is she? I'm saying I see the friendship, I'm not sure if I see passion. Do you guys even have sex?
Chimney: Of course we have sex! We had sex three nights ago.
Albert: Oh, I did not notice.
Chimney: You weren't supposed to, Albert.

Detective Romero: She really doesn't remember being shot.
Athena: I'm not sure she wants to.
Detective Romero: You think it's the husband.
Athena: I think that no one really knows what goes on inside of a marriage. Sometimes not even the people inside it.

Eddie: You want me to tell him he's different?
Carla: He already knows that. You need to teach him what it means. That he has limitations.
Eddie: I'm not gonna tell my kid that.

I already feel like a fool. I don't need the rest of the world to know the joke.

Josh [to Maddie]

Athena: Look, I want to be supportive, Michael. I want to respect your wishes. But I do not want you to die.
Michael: Me either. Okay?

Joan: He played me for a fool.
Athena: And you just showed him that he was wrong.

Man, I really need new friends.


9-1-1 Season 3 Quotes

Buck: Wow. You guys gonna get married already?
Michael: Don't forget to invite us.

Hen: What kind of crazy person came up with this plan?
Bobby: My wife.