Now, if you want to help people, take this back and earn it again.

Father Jameson [to Bobby]

Okay, cut her free. Just don't decapitate her. It's my first day.

Bobby [to Hen & Chimney]

Bobby, you want to be punished? Your punishment is that you lived. Now make it worth a damn.


So, let's see if I got this right. The fake nerve agent attack was a distraction for the armored car robbery, which was a distraction for the diamond heist. Crime is hard.


I'm so confused. Can you start over?


Buck: Kind of a letdown, isn't it? Last time we had a cake in the shape of his head with a licorice rebar through it.
Hen: Yeah, but this time he only got stabbed.

Maddie: I really hope he has a great first day back.
Buck: You want me to tell him that?
Maddie: No.

Buck: So, now what?
Bobby: Now we get in there.
Buck: How are we gonna do that?
Bobby: We're gonna crack this safe.

Chimney: We're not saying goodbye. We just need a minute.
Maddie: Yeah. Just a minute.

Buck: What's up with the Spiderman routine?
Eddie: I don't know. I just did it. And prayed a lot
Bobby: Yeah, looks like someone was listening.

I feel like if I ever did that, you would yell at me.

Buck [to Bobby]

Harry: How did you find me?
Michael: Next time don't tweet from your secret location.

9-1-1 Season 2 Quotes

Maddie: But you're still together?
Buck: Yeah. I mean, I mean she said I should, you know, do whatever I wanted while she was away. But what I want is for her to come back. I like the me that I am with her.

Chimney: Okay. That is a beautiful man.
Hen: Where is the lie? And I like girls.