Josh: Face it guys, you two got lucky.
Buck: They did. You guys have no idea how hard it is out there for the solos. Where's Albert tonight?
Chimney: He's on a date.

Eddie: You want me to tell him he's different?
Carla: He already knows that. You need to teach him what it means. That he has limitations.
Eddie: I'm not gonna tell my kid that.

Are you boys single?

Skydiving Mom [to Buck and Eddie]

Chimney: So, uh, tell me, if you weren't a bank guy what do you think you'd be doing?
Harrison: I wanted to be a firefighter as a kid. But now I don't think I have the guts.

Maddie: To seizing the day!
Chimney: And seizing my birthday.

Albert: You do not know what my life was like at home.
Chimney: I know you have always had a family. That I have always been trying to piece one together. Well, these people are all that I have. You don't get to take them, too.

Skydiving Mom: Is he gonna be alright?
Hen: He's a little beat up, but I think he'll fly again.
Chimney: Just not sure he's gonna want to.

Buck: Um, no offense, but I hope I never see you again.
Doctor: Hey, you never know!
Buck: Really?

Chimney: So, how'd it go?
Maddie: It wasn't easy, but I'm really glad I did it. And I finally feel free.

This is my first Christmas alone.

Michael [to Athena]

Athena: Michael, this is your house, too.
Michael: No, it's not.

Bobby: Buck, listen. I know you're worried, but there is nothing to worry about yet. So as my grandmother always used to say, don't go borrowing trouble.
Buck: Bobby, I know. I do dumb things sometimes and generally drive you crazy. You're an important person in my life, Bobby. One of the most important. I don't know what I would do if anything were to happen to you.

9-1-1 Quotes

Athena: Hey, you do not get to choose who lives and who dies.
Buck: Really, because I was under the impression that kind of was my job.

Come on, Bobby, see the fire, put out the fire, the rest is blah-blah.