I'm glad to see you happy, Abby. You deserve it.


Eddie: You okay?
Buck: What's next?

Bobby: You can't just rush into any dangerous situation and assume it's gonna be okay. Cause sometimes it's not and I'm tired of being on the other side of those hospital visits.
Buck: Bobby. I am not Athena.

I don't think it's fair to compare traumas. And from what I read, his attack on you was pretty brutal.

Doctor [to Athena]

Buck: Hey. What's going on?
Bobby: They're both trapped by the same beam. We take the pressure off of him and we're squeezing her. Which one has the better shot?
Eddie: Injuries are different. But the risk is the same.
Buck: Wait, what are we saying? We gotta pick who we save?
Bobby: I'm saying, I don't think we can save them both.

Look, this moment is about you. It's not about what you're supposed to say. It should come from your heart.

Maddie [to Josh]

Bartender: Someone waiting for you there?
Abby: No. He stopped waiting for me a long time ago.

May: Mom, I want you in my prom pictures.
Athena: Awww. Look at me, May.
May: I see you, and I couldn't be more proud. You got him. You won. Those bruises show what kind of fighter you really are, and I want pictures to remember this moment.

Maddie: Maybe you should stop talking now.
Chimney: She had a meet cute over an open chest wound! That's not right!!

Maddie: You're not happy for her?
Chimney: I just can't get past the fact that she's leaving me.

Chimney: Did you find anything else on her phone?
Karen: Nothing. It was locked. I took a picture of the screen.
Chimney: Oh! Did you use her thumb to unlock it while she was sleeping?
Karen: Ew. No. Wait. Do you do that?
Chimney: Of course not! Buck did it to me once after I got stabbed.

Chimney: What am I looking at here?
Karen: Proof that Hen's cheating on me
Chimney: What?! Hen would never do that! I mean not after what happened the last time she did that.