Criminal: You're brave.
Tommy: I'm angry.

Owen: He didn't want you to become police?
Carlos: I think he thought I was too soft. Maybe he's right.
Owen: He's not. There needs to be a heart behind that badge. You have a good one.

Carlos: I trusted my instincts like you always taught me.
Carlos' Dad: You have to have instincts to trust them.

God, you're so selfish! If I'm not enough to keep you two together, then think about my baby brother. Your baby.


Whatever happens, it's on me.


Oh, I get it now. I'm the rebound guy.


The rig will officially have a new name and Tim will be riding with us for every call.


Nancy: What's this about?
TK: This is about family.

You may be killing this whole stay at home parent thing, but you don't get to box me out!


I'm not saying it isn't your baby, I mean, the odds are in your favor.


Carlos: Since you've been doing the 126 games over here, how many times have you invited Nancy? Or Tim?
TK: That's not... oh, we've been such jerks! How did I not see that?
Carlos: The cool kids never do.

I gotta hand it to you, Strand. You move fast.


9-1-1: Lone Star Quotes

Owen: Well, I'm flattered, but if you're gonna put diversity first, shouldn't you hire somebody who's, you know, diverse?
Radford: We need somebody like you. We need somebody who truly understands how much rebuilding this house is gonna heal the community.

Doctor: You were at Ground Zero when the buildings came down, yes?
Owen: [nods] Yeah.
Doctor: Then I don't have to tell you by the 20th anniversary of 9/11, more survivors who were there that day and during the cleanup will get sick or die than people killed on 9/11 itself.
Owen: This is going to kill me, isn't it?