[to Angie] OK, I'll be in touch. You still use your Hotmail account?


That's a great goal for a crazy person.


I can't wear contacts because the doctors say my eyeballs are too pointy.


I get it. Elegance. That's why people come to Yakov's Nubian Bling Explosion.

Sales Guy

If this fails I'm going to flog you like ... well, like me at the Provincetown Flogging Festival.

Devin Banks

Our health costs are down because we started putting something in the coffee to stop the women from getting pregnant.


Liz: Writers who never talk: you want a new job?

Liz: Maybe we can undid these handcuffs.
Tracy: Racist!

Recently I realized I have a hole in my heart. And not the one I got from eating batteries.

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