Khalil: I tried to forget you. Really, I did. But, it doesn’t work. Look, I know ... I know you have feelings for me too. Say you don’t. Say you don’t have feelings for me, J.
[Jenn turns away and her eyes start glowing]
Khalil: See, you can’t! You can’t because you...
Jennifer: I’m gonna call the police!
Khalil: What? You think I’m afraid of the police?
Jennifer: Khalil, get the hell out of here! Now!

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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 2: "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues"
Black Lightning
The CW
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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Tobias: Listen carefully.
[Tobias slaps him]
Tobias: Check! Actions have consequences. You have to anticipate.
[Khalil moves his chess piece and Tobias slaps him]
Tobias: Check. Move!
[Khalil moves his piece and Tobias moves closer to him]
Tobias: Checkmate. You lose! You let me take your queen. Just like how you let that b**** take Syonide from me.
[He knocks Khalil to the floor]

Jennifer: I’m stuck in here until the wardens release me, but ... hey! Hey! By the way, why do we have wardens plural?
Anissa: I don’t know.
Jennifer: What’s going on with Mom and Dad? Are they getting back together?
Anissa: It’s kinda cute. I think I heard them the other night. I HEARD them good.
Jennifer: ‘Cause they’ve been walking around all emo-like; they’re sexually frustrated.
[Anissa and Jenn laugh]