Jubal: Ladies and gentlemen, meet the impressive Jake Fletcher. Nuclear engineer and one of our ten most wanted. Charged with disclosing top-secret government documents claimed as a crime of conscience. Kris?
Kris: Fletcher, Jake. Ph.D. Was a resident inspector at Arrowpoint. Then, three years ago, an internal investigation was initiated into coworker claims that he became paranoid and abusive.
Jubal: Report confirmed that he created a toxic environment. He was fired six months later. Fletcher claimed he was set up because he wouldn't stay quiet about problems at the plant. He then released classified documents online.

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FBI Season 1 Episode 5: "Doomsday"
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FBI Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Maggie: Wait! Wait, I want to see her face.
Plant Owner: Don't get too close. She's radioactive.
Maggie: How did that happen?
Plant Owner: There was a problem with the fuel pools last night.
Maggie: Fuel Pools?

Jubal: Alright, so a murdered investigator and her fugitive boyfriend tried to sabotage a nuclear power plant. It didn't work.
Kristen: Got an APB out on Jake Fletcher.
Jubal: He'll pop his head up.
Dana: Hopefully before it's too late. Alright, what do we know about whistleblowers?
Maggie: Well, we know they get attacked from every side.
Dana: Friends, even family turn against them from the fallout. They feel persecuted.
OA: Persecuted? He dumped state secrets to the public.
Maggie: Sometimes the public needs to know.