Rebecca: You do realize you're asking children to bear children?
Megan: It's a survival strategy used by numerous societies.
Rebecca: Primitive societies, Megan. These girls should have a choice.

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4: "Exit Strategy"
Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes, Wayward Pines Quotes
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Wayward Pines Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You son of a bitch. You sent Ethan here. You knew all along, didn't you? You were working with Pilcher, and you knew about this place and you were in on it. My family is all gone because of you. We trusted you.


I worry about all of them. They keep me up at night. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. I make the tough choices. Would you?