Layla: Coop is scary when she's mad.
Spencer: Trust me, I know. But she's also loyal as hell to her people and you're one of them.

Billy: What do you think I need to do to save this team?
Spencer: What you've always done: Lead with your heart.

You came back. That's all that matters. No one is expecting you to do everything by yourself. I'm here for you.

Grace [to Spencer]

You ought to bring Layla to dinner. You wouldn't even have to sneak her in.

Grace [to Spencer]

This is where you should say, 'It's great to see you, Vanessa.' Or we can just stand here in awkward silence.

Vanessa [to Asher]

J.J.: The new football coach is hot.
Jordan: Stop talking.
J.J.: Don't get me wrong. Your dad's a good looking man.
Jordan: J.J. Please.

Olivia: Why is J.J. doing morning announcements?
Asher: Because no one else wanted to.

The only reason you're back here is to fix what you broke. So I hope, for your sake, that you fix it.

Frosto [to Spencer]

Spencer: Baby, I promise you she didn't hear nothing. Even if my mom was awake, you'd never hear her coming. That woman is like a ninja.
Layla: That's comforting.

You know, sleep is actually more important for your health than food, and yet there are still some things worth losing it over.


Nadine: So tell me. How badly does this fuck us?
Harold: Completely. Sideways, in fact.

Mother Abigail: Get thee behind me, Satan
Flagg: That's not my name, you know.
Mother Abigail: I know. You got many names.
Flagg: I do, indeed. My name is Legion, for we are many.