Bruce: You need to rest. Build up your strength for the escape.
Dick: No escapes for me.
Bruce: Deathstroke has taken hostages. And here you are.
Dick: We have a truce. He's not touching anybody.
Bruce: No one you can see. At Adeline's, Slade was there, you were there, and yet no killing. Why?
Dick: He was unarmed.
Bruce: And?
Dick: And I was in Adeline's house.
Bruce: Maybe you didn't want to. Maybe there's something inside Slade that you need.
Dick: Yeah, his tiny tin heart got to me.
Bruce: You both loved Jericho, and you both got him killed. A common bond of self-loathing. As long as you're both alive, you can always blame the other guy.

Child: You've been in there for an hour. You look rough.
Kory: Thanks.
Child: Get your life right, lady.

Kristen: Well, there is a psychological condition called coercive control. A criminal husband can dominate his spouse and force her to hide his crimes. And sometimes, the dominated spouse will even take the blame for the crimes.
Ben: Why does psychology always sound like a con to me? It does. It’s like religion for grad students.

What are you doing? Fleabagging?


Kristen: So Leland is a psychopath who uses the metaphor of demonology to give his pursuits meaning?
Acosta: If that’s the best way for us to communicate, then yes. If he comes back Kristen, you have to tell me. There are two sides to this; it’s not enough to just use logic.
Kristen: If he comes back, you’re gonna have to keep me from killing him.

Townsend: You hold the power to make your life what you want. You need to get back at her.
Boy: How? If I do anything to her, she’ll tell the police.
Townsend: People generally don’t believe women. They overreact and are emotional. And if you do it right, she’ll be too embarrassed to tell anyone. Be a man.

Kristen: So what do you think?
Acosta: I think we’re in a bad spot.
Kristen: You think she did it?
Acosta: I think he did it.
Kristen: David, I love our debates over these issues, but not when it comes to murder.

Acosta: She would sometimes blow up a balloon to hear God more accurately.
Silvio: Excuse me?
Acosta: She would blow up a toy balloon.
Silvio: Do you not find this odd – a prophet requiring the blowing up of a balloon?
Ben: I found it off that there was a prophet at all. Everything after that was just gravy.
Silvio: What does that mean: gravy?
Ben: It means that once something is stupid, it doesn’t matter how much more stupid gets piled on top of it.

Andy: Or, I could just not drink.
Jill: What?
Andy: If it makes you uncomfortable, I won't drink.
Jill: You can do that?
Andy: Absolutely.
Jill: Oh my god, I love that you would do that for me. And I hate you because you can.

You were so brilliant and look what has happened to your mind


You don't get to hurt her, anymore.

Frank [to Nate]

It smells so good in here. It's like a pumpkin made love to a gingerbread man in an orange grove.