Claire: I am so sorry to tell you, but the doctors weren't able to save Chris's life. He died from the overdose.
Alexia: I tried to help him. I did.
Claire: I spoke with the paramedics and they said the exact same thing. You did everything you could. Is there anyone I can call to be here with you.
Alexia: No, there's uh, there's no one.
Claire: I know how hard this must be.
Alexia: Do you? Really? Because the only person who ever gave a crap about me is dead.

Dr. Bishop: Mags!
Mags: WhaT?
Dr. Bishop: Where do you spend every waking moment of your days?
Mags: In this hospital.
Dr. Bishop: Exactly. And when you're not here, what're you doing?
Mags: Reading.
Dr. Bishop: Reading what?
Mags: Medical textbooks. I've read three studies on this procedure, and I've watched every video avaliable online. You're the one always telling me not to overthink, but I'm ready fo this because of all the work I've done.
Dr. Bishop: I agree.
Mags: You do.
Dr. Bishop; If I were stuck in an elevator with a hematoma, no imaging, and no tools, I'd be lucky to have you there to handle it.

Elena: There must be ssomething you can tell me. Chances, statistics, I can't ust sit her in the dark. Gabi walks home from school on her own. If I'd finished work early and come to pick her up ...
Theo: Elena, this is not your fault.
Elena: I had the option to work from home this year, and I didn't take it.
Theo: And if you did pick her up? It could be both of you lying there.

Bash: Are you okay?
Mags: Yeah. What? Am I okay? Are you? What were you thinking? You could've been killed. You can't just-
Bash: Show up and volunteer as a doctor?

Dr: Bishop: We're still waiting on an ETA from the scene. In the meantime, I want -
Claire: What's he doing?
Dr. Bishop: Dr. Hamed! Running into the fire, apparently.

I've always been a coward but y'all inspired me to be a better man.


I tangled with them once before. They're nasty. I was lucky they only took my cargo parts. Not my vital parts.


Shral: Look, I know this isn't easy...
Jax: Oh, you think? First, I find out that I'm not even a human and then that the fate of the universe relies on me and now I have something growing inside of me that may not even be a real baby. I'm only a twenty-two-year-old sophomore. This is so not fair.

Scantron: I'm just a long-haul trucker trying to make his way in the world. What, y'all ain't never done nothin' just 'cause you need the cash?
Xander: Nothing illegal.
Jett: Speak for yourself, cap.

I want all of them -- all of them who were at the gulch.


Virginia: Are you with me?
Strand: Yes.

Haley: Their case is vulnerable.
Jonathan: So you keep saying, um, although with a little more anxiety each time you say it. Here's my question. What's our case, Haley, because I don't really have clarity on that.
Haley: Our defense is wait and see. I told you, it's fluid.
Jonathan: Fluid. OK. Great, that gives me great confidence. Thank you.