Nancy: I was so scared. I thought I'd never see you and mom again. I thought I was gonna die.
Carson: You didn't die. You saved yourself. It's over now, I'm here. I'm here.

Nancy: You don't owe me anything. Especially now.
Nick: Just because we're not together anymore doesn't mean I don't care about what you're going through.
Nancy: I'm not going through anything.

He's just gonna find another human to bargain with. He'll keep victimizing children unless we stop him.


FP: Why aren't you focused on the center, protecting these kids?
Archie: I am, but trouble shows up here just about every other day, starting with the Dickinsons, who are still out there, by the way.

Alice: What are you doing?
Betty: I was checking if the darkness was gone. It is.

Veronica: I guess I can say goodbye to my interview.
Dean of Colombia: At Colombia, we like students with stories. You sound like you have a good story.

FP: Hey, wake up, Red.
Archie: Mr. Jones? What are you doing here?
FP: Investigating a vigilante. Now, be honest with me. Is that you?
Archie: Yeah, it is. Not going to arrest me, are you?
FP: I should. What the hell do you think you're doing?
Archie: Helping. People are scared to call you, or the cops, so I set up a hotline.
FP: What happens if you get hurt -- or worse.
Archie: People die on the side of the road changing tires, Mr. Jones. At least I die with a shred of honor.
FP: What a load of smug BS. You think that's going to comfort your mom?

I don't get on good with little girls. I do arsonists, murderers, and state prosecutors. Little girls give me the creeps. Plus you can't hit 'em no more; they changed the laws.

Miss Rayleen

Miss Rayleen: Don't you have any girlfriend?
Christmas: I got you.
Miss Rayleen: I'm not a friend; I'm a grown-up.
Christmas: Then I guess not.

How can you ask me to be there for you when I was never there for myself?

Miss Rayleen

You're just one piece of dirt on a bigger piece of dirt. We're gonna last forever; you're just gonna wash away.


She doesn't belong to you. Shen never will.