Olivia Cortez. She's our way in. I'll have to get physical access to her laptop.


If nuclear weapons have taught us anything, it's that no one ever wins an arms race.


No, ma'am, you have done something wrong by staying silent. They deserve a President who will stand by their sacrifice and not apologize for it.


There are reasons previous administrations have tried to pre-emptively ban this technology. Deploying it now could have consequences we're just beginning to understand. America has the finest military in the world. Let's use it.


This isn't just about attacking one terrorist, ma'am. It's about protecting America while we still can.


Susan: This technology is inevitable. Which is why we need to get there first, create ethical versions before someone else -
Henry: Ethical killer robots?

I guess I was hoping after all this time for something more emotional than economies of scale.


Russell: If there were no Checkers, there would be no Nixon.
Elizabeth: Actually, that's a good argument for not getting a dog.

It's finally hitting me, Henry. We have an empty nest.


Callen: You still worried about [Ehsan]?
Sam: I was never worried about him. The ship's in good hands.

That's the thing in this virus. You have to push away the people you love the most.

Col. Kaufman [to Kensi]

Deeks: Meaning it may not be curable?
Nell: That is correct.