Sam/Jim: Okay, I know what's it about.
Melinda: What? What is it about?
Sam/Jim: That you're not ready to start dating yet. And it makes total sense. I understand. There's no hard feelings.
Melinda: No, but I am ready.
Sam/Jim: Your head says you are, but your hearts says no. Not yet.
Melinda: No, it doesn't. Okay, my heart doesn't say that. I think I would know what my heart says.

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Melinda Gordon
The Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 14: "Slow Burn"
The Ghost Whisperer
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The Ghost Whisperer Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

(seeing two teenagers grinding together) I am as open minded as the next person, but who calls that dancing? This is a public place for God's sake!


Ned: Mom, you're making me look bad!
Delia: Please don't tell me these are friends of yours.
Ned: No, and they never will be if you keep this up.