Logan: I just got a readmission notification in my email. Why is Dawn Long back in this hospital?
Cain: She's sick.
Logan: Is that supposed to be a joke? She's been back here five times since her operation. Her treatment costs are starting to add up. You're supposed to be making us money, not costing us. The woman is comatose. Why are we not letting her die?
Cain: We will. Tomorrow.
Logan: Care to elaborate. After six months, Dawn Long's survival statistic rates will no longer be tracked. Our famous mother of all surgeries will have an official survivor. It's one for the record books.
Logan: And that six-month mark is tomorrow.
Cain: If she lives through the night, then all the publicity we got from that surgery will not go to waste. We just need to keep her alive until then.
Logan: And the family is on board for that?
Cain: They will be.
Logan: OK. One more day then end this charade.

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The Resident Season 3 Episode 18: "So Long, Dawn Long"
The Resident
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The Resident Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Conrad: I'll try to filter any news through you first, so you can be the Molly whisperer, you're lucky I like you.
Kit: It's the accent.

Nic: Dr. Cain, are her children aware that she's not going to be waking up?
Cain: Absolutely not. Because we don't know that for sure yet. The brain is an enigma, anything can happen.