No, it was just a moment. A quick decision. I know that that doesn't change who I am. Now you... You're there, you're there for people even when they're at their worst. Like me. You know, all last year. I was a mess. Your brother and your mother wouldn't even talk to me, but, uh, you, my love, you were always there. That's, uh, that's who you are. You're the real hero. My hero.

Ramon [to Gabby]

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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 7: "A Man's Legacy"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes, Chicago Fire Quotes
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Matt: Woah, are those Cindy Herrmann brownies?
Kelly: *Annabelle* Herrmann brownies.
Matt: Are these...gummy worms?
Kelly: Yep.

Ramon: Your mom came to visit.
Gabby: Oh, yeah, she told me.
Ramon: I've been trying to get that woman to call me back for a year. Turns out, all I had to do was get stabbed a few time.