Dr. Julius Rowe: It's true, Mr. Ross entered into an early release agreement but it's also true that he stayed in longer than he had to to keep his cell mate safe. And while he was there, he risked his own life to prevent a violent man from falsely obtaining parole.
Anita Gibbs: And for all we know he did that for self serving reasons.
Dr. Julius Rowe: And for all I know, that's what you’re doing right now.
Anita Gibbs: You're out of line. I'm not the one under examination here.
Dr. Julius Rowe: Neither am I. I am a prison psychologist and in my experience, self serving men do not risk their lives to help people.

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Suits Season 6 Episode 16: "Character and Fitness"
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Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You shared something horrible with me, gave me no time to process it, and while I was taking it in you not only attacked my integrity, you made me feel ashamed of myself.


Mike: Can a guy just buy you flowers because he loves you?
Rachel: He can, but he didn't.