Ms. gave us a voice when no one was listening; now, look at us. We have the ear of the President.


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Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 9: "Reagan"
Mrs. America
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Mrs. America Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I have stood alongside the greatest women of our generation. Still, today, we select our leaders first by eliminating women and minorities and those with too little education. Changing this will take a very long time. After all, we are dealing with ten thousand years of patriarchy and racism. But we must continue to move forward in waves. What will keep us going is the revelation of what we can be. What the people around us can be, without the crippling walls and prisons into which we have been forced. We are just beginning to discover each of us, who we can be. And no matter how long this revolution may take, there can be no turning back.


We are the ones that are going to have a press conference. We are going to tell the American people how disappointed we are with the President's stand on women's issues. He is going to have to do something for us to get us to vote for him. We're no longer a captive audience.