Boden: Look, you got caught up, but there is still time to be a leader for your crew. They are young. They need to see you step up. [Turk laughs]. What? I say something funny?
Turk: Man, what you think this is? The Marines? I ain't trying to be a leader, I'm trying to survive.

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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 16: "Telling Her Goodbye"
Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes, Chicago Fire Quotes
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

We can help him. It's what we do.

Boden [about an injured member of the gang holding Firehouse 51 hostage]

Cruz: Wait, Walcott, wasn't there a shooting there last shift?
Otis: Mm. It's a turf war. The, uh, Western Posse's beefing with the 21 Naturals. [all turn to look at him] What? I follow the Drill Rap scene! Sue me.