Jenny: Let's not take our grief out on each other, okay? I'm sorry.
Muna: I never understood why you left your ER doctor job. A job healing people.
Jenny: I did it so that Ross and I could have a more balanced life.
Muna: If today proved anything, it's that your life is more unbalanced than ever. And so are you.
Jenny: I'm sorry, what?
Muna: You have a very unhealthy fascination with death. And the worst part is ...
Jenny: Oh, wow.
Muna: I think you like it. First your sister, then my David. All these people, these bodies, that man in your well. It would break David's heart, all of this ...
Jenny: Muna, David is dead, okay?! His heart is the least of his problems. Do you ...?
Ross: We can hear you yelling.
Jenny: Oh shit. Um. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. That was, that was a horrible, it was a horrible thing to say.
Ross: Look, I think that we're all just a little bit hangry right now. Maybe we could just go eat?

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 5: "All's Well"
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Coroner Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jenny: Sure. Fill your boots. But we want the same thing, Richie.
Richie: Which is?
Jenny: The truth.
Richie: I don't care about the truth. I care about getting my client out of prison.

If this is a "screw-you" for opening Dr. Peterson's files, save it. My phone's been ringing off the hook with screw-yous.